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Alistair Norman formed                                in 1995 and the firm prides itself on the volume of repeat business it recieves. He is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and practicing Construction Adjudicator with over twenty years working for major UK construction contractors and twenty years’ experience as a Consultant.
The firm provides commercial and contractual advice to employers, contractors and subcontractors and Alistair Norman is experienced in construction, civil engineering, oil and gas and nuclear decommissioning.
The firm is a memeber of the RICS Designated Professional Body (DPB) Scheme.
Services include;
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    Dispute Resolution Services

  • Practicing adjudicator
  • Representing parties in adjudication
  • Expert witness
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    Commercial and Contractual Support

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    Quantity Surveying

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Although based in Scotland we work extensively throughout the UK.
Details of Alistair Norman’s qualifications and an abbreviated CV
can be found on the Experience page.

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